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Terms of Service
Please read the following conditions for use of the CTS Sales Profile assessments: These assessments only measure personality and motivation, a proven component of job success. The CTS assessments and their narrative reports should never be used by themselves to hire, promote, or terminate an employee. Success in any given position is a combination of factors, including job-related skills, knowledge, intelligence, and work ethic, none of which are being measured in these assessments. By clicking below, you are verifying that you have read this statement and agree that you will not use these assessments, by themselves, to hire, promote, or terminate an employee.

By clicking below, you are also agreeing that all assessment questions, narrative reports, and related computer programs are copyrighted materials and you, your associates, or relationships will not duplicate or copy these materials in any form.

You also understand and agree that Sales Manage Solutions, LLC (SMS) is the owner of all CTS Sales Profile reports, and at the request of the individual who completed the CTS Questionnaire, SMS may release the reports to a third party.

Use of Recruit the Best Field Manual for Sales, Recruit the Best Field Manual for Service, and Training Videos: You understand and agree that the PDF file of these field manuals and the printed version of these field manuals are a single use license only. You can reprint any pages of the PDF files only for use in hiring team members for your agency. You understand that any sharing of the PDF file or the printed version of the file is in violation of copyright laws and will result in prosecution of this violation. You also agree not to share the Recruit the Best Team Recorded Webinar video files with anyone outside of your office team.

By clicking Complete Purchase you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy, and Refund policies

To gain access to your monthly subscription plan for discounted use of the CTS Sales Profile, you must agree to this annual subscription contract by checking the "Agree" box below. This Agreement is between you and Sales Manage Solutions, LLC, a Tennessee Limited Liability Company and owner of the CTS Sales Profile (SMS).

Payment Provisions:
I AgreeTerms
You agree to the monthly amount, indicated on the "Account Set-up" page, for the next 12 months beginning today for unlimited discounted use of the CTS Sales Profile. This agreement will automatically renew 12 months from the date of execution unless you cancel the subscription by contacting SMS up to 30 days prior to the renewal date. SMS agrees to notify you of any change in the renewal rate 60 days prior to the renewal date.
Payment is to be made by credit/debit card automatically each month occurring on the same monthly date as today. Payments will continue for a minimum of 12 months.
Purchaser agrees to notify SMS if the Purchaser's credit card expires or is cancelled.
In the event payment is not made for any reason within 10 days of the due date, the Purchaser's CTS Sales Profile account will be deactivated until all missed payments are made.
In the event any of the 12 monthly payments are not made within 30 days of the due date, SMS will seek legal action to collect all remaining payments. The Purchaser agrees to pay any collection fees paid by SMS.
Late Fees:
I AgreeTerms
Any payment not paid within ten (10) days of its due date shall be subject to a late fee of 10% of the payment.
I AgreeTerms
This agreement is for a single license to use the CTS for a one office location.
You agree and understand that if you have more than one location or a Multiple Office Agency, you cannot purchase this package. You can contact Sales Manage Solutions, LLC for separate pricing.
You understand and agree that you cannot purchase this package if you are a recruiting company, work force service provider, a holding company, or any company what so ever other than a one office agency location. You can contact Sales Manage Solutions, LLC for separate pricing.
You agree to not share your login and password with anyone or give access to your CTS account to any other person. You can add an additional Administrator, if they are a direct employee of your agency, for the purpose of administering the CTS and viewing reports.
You agree that if you share your login information with another party who should have purchased their own CTS account, or if you purchase a single use account and use it as a Multiple Office Agency account, or if you purchase this single use account under a holding company that manages multiple locations, you will be liable for the cost of the annual use of the unauthorized locations and users.
You agree to use the CTS for your business only. This agreement does not cover the use of the CTS for personal use, use with a volunteer organization, church, non-profit group, etc.

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  • computer 2-Hour Recorded Training Webinar
  • pdf How to Find Sales Candidates
  • video 60% Off Online Training Program
  • checkfile 25 CTS Sales Profiles
  • checkfile 25 Math/Verbal Tests (LSS)
  • tag 35% Off Additional Profiles
  • pdf Screening/Interviewing Questions
  • files 15 Additional Reports
  • bookmark Can They Sell Book (hardcover)
  • book Field Manuals (Sales & Service)
  • phone 1:1 Calls for Candidate Discussions
  • mail Email Tech Support as Needed
  • phone 4hrs of 1:1 Phone Consultation
  • edit Give Team Assessments
  • piechart Access Team Reports
  • file Coaching Report
  • checkfile Foundation Interview
  • piechart Goal Setting Sheet
  • barchart Sales & Activity Planning Sheet

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"The Recruit the Best Team system is an absolute necessity in business as you build your sales team."

Steve Cannon - Lifetime Presidents Club (38 times), Presidents Club Trophy ( twice top 10), Exotic Traveler, Chairman's Circle, Lifetime MDRT, Chrystal Excellence (20 year profit), Aspirant Program, Judge/Buyer Sales Competition University of Georgia & Kennesaw State University

"The Recruit the Best system gave me the tools that I needed, questionnaires and the CTS, to help me see through people who were great people, but couldn't make it in this challenging sales role. I've saved thousands of dollars on bad hires and have less stress when I hire real selling team members."

Jon Jones